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April 2017
Introducing the latest upgraded version of the original and very popular TUG mover.

This is the safe & inexpensive way to manoeuvre your tandem or single axle caravan, boat or trailer without using your vehicle or breaking
your back.

The TUG V3 was developed out of necessity for use in front yards, carports, drive ways, show rooms, caravan parks etc. and was designed and built to last.
TUG V3 is made in West Australian from mostly Australian materials and has been extensively field tested and further upgraded making it stronger and more durable.

No more strained necks, backs or muscle damage when it comes to manoeuvring your caravan, boat or trailer.

The TUG V3 has a hand control and will operate forward, backwards or unlike many others freewheel when required.

The heavy duty 12 volt motor is geared to provide a whopping 1360kgs (3,000 lb) single line capacity.

TUG V3 is easy to steer and has the power to turn a tandem axle unit through 360 degrees on the spot. It it also fitted with a pneumatic tyre to prevent the tyre spinning on the rim when under load. This also gives the advantage of allow you to adjust tyre pressure to compensate for different loads and surfaces.

As the manufacturer of the
TUG V3 we can change the gearing during manufacture to provide additional power to meet most customers specific requirements.
The TUG V3 is very portable (18kg) with a built in carry handle, a steering handle (rudder) that has two functions, one that will allow you to guide your van/trailer into a confined space with the ability to view the clearance down either side, it has a remote plug-in hand control and a  bracket to attach to your draw bar. It can be mounted in your existing jockey wheel clamp. The up and down height is also adjustable.

For those who live in Perth/Suburbs we offer an obligation free demonstration to show you just how amazing and versatile the
TUG V3 really is.

Price is only $1,750 + Shipping. (If required)

We welcome your enquiry by email or phone.
Mob. 0403 262 970
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This is an actual demonstration for a customer who has a 6m (20ft) boat and wanted it parked in front of his house for security purposes.
It was a tight squeeze for a big boat with little room to manoeuvre.
The TUG V3 was used to manoeuvre it from the driveway to the front of the house and then out again to allow the owner to hitch up to his vehicle.
Even with a tandem trailer and a heavy boat the
TUG V3 was able to do it with ease.

This is another very happy customer who later commented  "that he was amazed at how tough the
TUG V3 really is and yet it is so easy to use"
The picture below shows how larger and heavier trailers/caravans may need the installation of a double clamp.
This has been developed by some of our customers and is now recommended.
The extra clamp has always been provided with every new
TUG purchased.
We thank our customers for their support and feed back, all adding to the success of this popular little machine.
The TUG Powerwheel has always been;
Made in Australia
by an Australian
and sold only in Australia.
So the warranty is genuine and
the money will always stay here!